meet the oneSCDvoice Working Group members

Biree Andemariam, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Farmington, Connecticut, United States
Lanetta Bronté-Hall, MD, MPH, MSPH
President and Chief Health Officer
The Foundation for SCD Research

Miami, Florida, United States
Kathryn Hassell, MD
CO Sickle Cell Treatment & Research Ctr

Aurora, Colorado, United States
Lewis Hsu, MD, PhD
Pediatric SC Program
Children’s Hosp of U IL

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Sohail Rana, MD
Community Outreach & Education
Ctr for SCD, Howard U

Washington, DC, United States
Ade Adeyokunnu
Founder and @sikcell on Twitter

Philadelphia, PA, United States
Yvonne Carroll, RN, JD
Director, Patient Services - Hematology
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Beverley Francis-Gibson
National President & CEO

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Gary A. Gibson
President & CEO
Martin Center SC Initiative

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
TaLana Hughes, MPH
Executive Director

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Charles Jonassaint, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Social Work & Clin & Translational Science
U Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Shirley Miller, MA
National Advocate
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Marie Ojiambo, PharmD
Sickle Strong Initiative

Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States
Nancy M. René
JVT Advocates
Supporting Autism, Sickle Cell Disease,
and K–12 Education

Los Angeles, California, United States
Shamonica Wiggins
Former CEO & Founder,
Social Media Manager,
Sickle Cell Community Consortium

Dallas, Texas, United States