Yvonne Carroll, RN, JD

Director, Patient Services - Hematology
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Yvonne M. Carroll, RN, JD is the Director of Patient Services in the Department of Hematology at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Yvonne graduated with a Bachelors of Nursing Degree from the University of Tennessee and a Law degree from the University of Cincinnati. She joined SJCRH in 1999 in the Department of Hematology and served in several positions before becoming the Director of Patient Services.

Yvonne is active in Hematology and the sickle cell disease community and serves on the Governor’s Genetic Advisory Committee for the State of TN. Throughout the years, Yvonne has been a Principal Investigator and Program Manager on several sickle cell grants and has spoken in numerous venues on sickle cell disease. Yvonne has developed partnerships with several community organizations and rural healthcare workers to improve awareness and treatment for people with sickle cell disease. She serves as president of the International Association of Sickle Cell Nurses and Professional Associates (IASCNAPA) which recently became partners with the Sickle Cell Community Consortium and the Sickle Cell Disease Coalition.


Representative Publications:

Caregiver Perspectives of Stigma Associated With Sickle Cell Disease in Adolescents

Genetic education and sickle cell disease: feasibility and efficacy of a program tailored to adolescents

Therapy preference and decision-making among patients with severe sickle cell anemia and their families