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Shamonica Wiggins

Dallas, Texas, United States

Shamonica Wiggins is a 28-year-old sickle cell warrior and a native of Dallas, TX. Although she has sickle cell SS, which is commonly referred to as the most critical form of the illness, she rarely allows it to get in the way of her chasing her dreams. This is evident in the work she does as creator, founder, and CEO of the non-profit organization, #BoldLipsForSickleCell.

Ms. Wiggins is a trailblazer in the sickle cell community and always upholds the three pillars of her organization: advocacy, awareness, and empowerment. When she’s not busy fulfilling her passion of spreading sickle cell awareness you can find her on the sideline of the soccer field cheering on her 6-year-old daughter Roree. Shamonica prides herself as a mother and her daughter is a big reason why she refuses to give up. She hopes that her advocacy work leads to a big breakthrough for the sickle cell community and she’s not going to stop being a voice for her people until she see the changes that sickle cell warriors so desperately needs.