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A Precious Organization 8th Annual Walk for Sickle Cell


Tammy Smith’s daughter, Precious, often got sick as a baby and she cried—a lot.

It wasn’t until Precious became so sick and nearly died that Tammy took her to a different hospital for treatment and learned that Precious had sickle cell disease (SCD). The inherited blood cell disorder causes red blood cells to morph into a crescent (“sickle”) shape and get stuck in small blood vessels. This blockage inhibits blood flow, which deprives tissues of oxygen and causes severe pain and tissue damage.

Precious received her first blood transfusion at the age of two. It was the beginning of many stays in the hospital that would prove isolating and difficult for the young family.

Here are the details of 7th Annual Walk for Sickle Cell organized by Precious Organization:



Saturday, September 12, 2020



Rock Spring Park, 2116 College Ave.

Alton, IL, USA

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