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  • If you have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease, how old were you when you received your diagnosis?join now
  • How much time do you spend per week researching, discussing, participating in social media, etc., related to SCD?join now
  • Who is the person who has helped you most through your SCD journey?join now
  • Has SCD ever interfered with your work life?join now
  • Has SCD ever interfered in your personal relationships?join now
  • Do you feel that managing your SCD experience has made you a stronger person?join now
  • Do you think others outside of your close friends and family understand the challenges you face in your SCD journey?join now
  • Have you ever felt guilty about some aspect of having SCD?join now
  • What is the biggest challenge you or your loved one faces at school with SCD?join now
  • Do you or your loved one with SCD get a flu shot every year?join now
  • How long has it been since you or your loved one with SCD experienced an SCD-related hospitalization?join now
  • Have you met an emergency department doctor or nurse that really treated you well?join now
  • What are your considerations when planning to attend an SCD conference?join now
  • What do people with SCD need most during this period of response to COVID-19? join now