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Living Well With Sickle Cell: Andre Harris (Video)

My name is Andre Harris. We are in Houston, Texas. Well, my connection with sickle cell disease is first that I am a sickle cell patient and also I am an advocate for sickle cell disease. And so this is very important to me because I am a patient and a male so I identify with all of the areas that we’re talking about today. Yes, so black men, already dealing with a lot of stigmas, first being black and secondly being male.

I would say to doctors, nurses, health care providers within the emergency room setting that they need to learn their patients to as individuals and not as a statistic. And many providers treat their patients just to get them out of the door in the emergency room setting. But if they learned who they were and took the time to understand what brought them there that they’ll be able to provide them with the best quality care as possible.

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