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Getting A Child With Sickle Cell Anemia To Eat Healthy

key information

source: Sickle Cell Warriors

authors: Mark Kirkpatrick


As most parents know, many children can be picky eaters and getting them to eat their fruits and vegetables has challenged parents for many decades. Especially for those youngsters diagnosed with SCD (Sickle Cell Disease), it is often associated with low calcium intake, vitamin D deficiency and a poor appetite, which can lead to delayed growth and development in any child.

If your kid is getting plenty of vitamin C and D, that’s fantastic, but as we all know, they also need to be eating well-balanced meals and getting other important nutrients. As parents, we’ve all used tricks to get our kids to eat, from the old airplane into the hanger routine as infants, to giving them chocolate milk so they’ll actually drink some, but sugary substitutes aren’t the answer.

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