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patient education

American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy: Blood Disorders

key information

source: American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy


Blood is very important to our body. There are different components that make up our blood, each serving different functions. Red blood cells supply oxygen to cells and tissues, while also helping to remove waste. White blood cells fight infectious intruders like bacteria. Platelets control blood clotting, which is vital to helping your body control a cut or an injury.

When our blood cells and platelets can’t operate efficiently, there are severe consequences for our body. Reduced blood flow and reduced oxygen in our bodies can cause weakness, fatigue, slowed growth, severe pain and other serious complications that make it difficult to go about daily life.

Usually, a blood disorder is detected in a patient by doing a blood test, such as a complete blood count (CBC). Since blood disorders are inherited, people who are considering having a child are encouraged to meet with a genetic counselor to assess risks.

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