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9 tips to living well with SCD in college

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source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


SCD is an inherited blood disorder that can cause severe pain. So for students with SCD, the transition of leaving home to go to college can be a fun and exciting experience, but also challenging. By making smart health decisions, students with SCD can live full lives and enjoy their college experience. Read below to learn 9 tips on how students with SCD can stay safe and healthy while at school.

What health challenges can college students with SCD face?

Pain episodes (mild to severe pain caused by SCD) are the most common health problem and the main cause for emergency department visits among adults with SCD. Students with SCD may also feel tired frequently, may need to take frequent breaks during exercise, and may not be able to participate in strenuous, high-impact physical activities. Students with SCD can better manage their pain episodes and other SCD-related problems by making smart health decisions.

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