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If you have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease, how old were you when you received your diagnosis?
How much time do you spend per week researching, discussing, participating in social media, etc., related to SCD?
Who is the person who has helped you most through your SCD journey?
Has SCD ever interfered with your work life?
Has SCD ever interfered in your personal relationships?
Do you feel that managing your SCD experience has made you a stronger person?
Do you think others outside of your close friends and family understand the challenges you face in your SCD journey?
Have you ever felt guilty about some aspect of having SCD?
Do you think you, or someone you know with SCD, has been bullied because of it?
On average, how many cups (8oz) of coffee do you drink each day?
On average, how many cups (8oz) of plain water do you drink each day?
On average, how many hours of exercise do you get each week (yes, walking counts!)?
What is the biggest challenge you or your loved one faces at school with SCD?

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