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Artist Panteha Abareshi Opens Up About Sickle Cell Disease and Expressing Her Pain Through Art in “The Girl Who Loves Roses”

When you suffer from a chronic condition, whether it be mental or physical — every day can start to feel like a battle. The non-stop pain becomes a part of you, of the way you move through life and express yourself to the world and to others. And it can get exhausting — both physically and emotionally — to say the very least. No one understands this better than Panteha Abareshi, a 17-year-old artist from Arizona who was born with Sickle Cell Beta Zero Thalassemia, a genetic condition that causes her chronic pain and severely limits her physical activity. Imagine not being able to go on long walks on the beach, workout after a stressful day, or enter to run in a marathon. These are all things we often take for granted, but this is Panteha’s reality.