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I Have Sickle Cell Disease. What Should I Know About Going Away to College?

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source: Teens Health


When it comes to taking care of yourself away from home, a lot depends on how severe your sickle cell symptoms can be and where you go to college. If you’re going to college where the climate may make symptoms worse (like a high-altitude location or a region with very hot or cold weather), you may need more care for pain or other symptoms. If your college is near a big city, it may be easier to find doctors familiar with treating sickle cell disease than if your college is in a small town. Regardless of where you go to school, you’ll need to plan your care around home and school. Here are some tips:

Keep in touch with your at-home hematology team:

Doctors and nurses who have been caring for you over the years are the best people to manage your overall health. Arrange in advance to get regular checkups during school breaks. Let your at-home care team know whenever you get medical care at school and send or bring a copy of any lab results or health center records to your hematologist.

Have your hematologist back home make a copy of your records:
This way you can share your health records with your new doctors and you have a copy ready in case of an emergency.

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