A Sickle Cell Caregiver’s Perspective on School and ER Visits

My daughter started school last year prior she had been homeschooled. She was in the 7th grade. She attends a private school, but I had to meet with all of her teachers and her principal. I gave the school a copy of her health history form that was required, and I have them a copy of Sickle Cell and School: A Guide to School Policy and Best Practices Covid Edition. The booklet is from the Sickle Cell Community Consortium. In the back of the book is a Health Plan Template that I completed on my daughter’s behalf. The plan includes a picture of her, her grade, gender, condition, date of plan, review date, parent/guardian contacts, emergency contact, campus key person, primary care physician, and the steps to take regarding prevention. It also includes medication, pain management, and stakeholders regarding the individual health plan (school nurse, teacher/administrator, sickle cell nurse/social worker, and school staff that have a copy of the plan).