Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast: Legends of Sickle Cell – Dr. Michael DeBaun & Shamonica Wiggins

On this episode of Cheat Codes, Legends of Sickle Cell, Dr. Ahmar Zaidi and Dr. Michael Callaghan debut a series about the “Legends of Sickle Cell”. They interview Dr. Michael DeBaun and patient legend Shamonica Wiggins (43:04).

Cheat Codes is a podcast for the sickle cell community that brings listeners a series of segments and interviews packed with critical education that patients and families need to know, as well as updates and clarifications from the social media “buzz” around sickle cell. Hosted by Ahmar U. Zaidi, MD (Dr. Z) & Michael U Callaghan, MD (Dr. Mike).