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How Sickle Cell Disease Changed My Life

Hi, I’m ‘Princess’ Nazhi, the baker. I am a 12-year-old chef. I started baking at the young age of 10! My real name is Ri-Nazhanae, which includes part of my mom’s name as well as part of my dad’s name. I don’t really like putting it out there because as far as I know, I am the only Ri-Nazhanae in the world, and I hope it will stay like that because I love it and its uniqueness! I have been battling sickle cell anemia since birth and thought I would spend the majority of my life in a hospital. After the tragic experience of witnessing my older sister have a massive stroke in 2014 and learning more about the history of our overlooked disease, I decided to find new and tasty, yet healthy foods for those struggling with sickle cell to eat.