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You belong here. Embrace your sickle cell

Let’s not just campaign for Sickle cell prevention; let’s be equally forceful in embracing the kids who are already here!
Some call it a disease; some compare it to Aids and cancer. In that, we are constantly telling sickle cell carriers that they’re dying or going to die soon, but they are not. Stop the culture of death around sickle cell! We raise them in guilt and fear. We make their condition a secret. We don’t want anyone knowing about it, except for a very small circle of people that we “trust”, because we feel guilty, ashamed, or scared. We teach them to fear death for the wrong reason. How about we go back to basics? How about we remind these kids that they too are made in the image of God? How about we teach them to love themselves just the way they are? How about we encourage them to live fully? How about we just love them?