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Adult stem cell success story – sickle cell anemia


Life is full of surprises.  Just ask Darlene and Joseph Davis who seem to have had a lifetime of surprises — good and bad, then good again — already.

As a healthcare professional, Joe Davis knew quite well the risks that his children might be born with sickle cell anemia, a blood disease affecting one of every 500 African-Americans that is passed on to offspring through genetic traits.  But sickle cell anemia is a fact of life and his wife Darlene desperately wanted a baby. 

When Joe Jr. was born, they were both thrilled, particularly since Darlene had been diagnosed as infertile and needed special reproductive treatments to get pregnant.

But happiness turned to despair when Joe Jr. was about eight months old.  The happy baby was constantly crying, and did not like to be moved or even held.  He ran fevers constantly and soon the dreaded diagnosis came down — sickle cell anemia.