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patient education

Dental Care for Your Child With Sickle Cell Disease

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source: Evelina London


Children with sickle cell disease are at risk of sickle cell crisis. This is a painful, serious condition typically triggered by pain and infection. It usually results in admission to hospital and urgent medical treatment. This leaflet aims to give you dental advice to help prevent that from happening.

Why is dental health important for my child?

Tooth decay is largely a preventable disease. Dental pain and infection from untreated tooth decay could result in crisis occurring.

What is tooth decay and what causes it?

Tooth decay occurs when sugar from our foods and drinks is turned into acid by bacteria that live in the plaque on our teeth. At first the enamel (hardest outer layer of the tooth) is softened, but if the acid continues to be produced frequently, the enamel will break down and a cavity (a hole) will form. Untreated tooth decay can cause pain and infection and result in your child becoming very unwell.

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