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7 Ways to Step Up Your Sleep Game

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source: Black Health Matters


We can’t get out of bed in the morning and it’s no surprise why. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of us wake up feeling out of sorts and sluggish at least a few times each week.

Are you among the groggy and grumpy when the alarm goes off each morning? Try these seven tricks to step up your sleep game and make climbing out of bed easier:

Start the Night Before
Drink chamomile tea before hitting the sack. Don’t check email from under the covers; in fact, leave your electronic devices in another room so the glowing screens don’t interrupt your sleep. And keep your shades drawn. Sunlight tells your body it’s time to wake up, so to keep from rising with the sun, shut your blinds before you go to bed.

Stop Hitting Snooze
Do you set your alarm 45 minutes earlier than you need to get up—giving yourself plenty of time to hit the snooze button every nine minutes—with the belief you’ll gently rouse yourself awake? (We’re guilty of this one!) This misguided behavior actually cheats you out of extra minutes in deeper, more restorative sleep stages.

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